We have to do a movie poster for school, I picked Spirited Away as my movie. Now, that was the easy part. The hard part is drawing this thing. I had to do the basic layout and shapes in Illustrator cos I could work at a smaller size in it and then scale it to to 685 mm by 1012 mm (yes, this thing is fucking huge). And then placed the .ai file in PS and watched as my lappy shat itself for most of the night. It crashed a couple of times too.

Digital painting this poster is such a bitch. I hope my tutor appreciates it. I’m only painting the smaller characters in first on my lappy cos it bitches at me when I try to paint in the sky. I’m probably gonna have to do the background at school on the Macs. 

Lines: Illustrator CS6

Colouring: Photoshop CS6 extended

Hours: Too fucking many and many cups of tea too. 

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